Talks made with PRES2

Title Event Location Date
The MDB: Overview of its architecture, interfaces, and development SDSC's Scientific Computing Division Meeting San Diego, CA 2003-08-01
A tour of the MDB EDG & JAT Lab Meeting San Diego, CA 2003-08-08
The MDB: An overview TSRI Graduate Class on Metalloproteins San Diego, CA 2003-11-13

Title Event Location Date
How Programmers Can Help Solve Problems In Bioinformatics OSCON (PHP Lighting Talks) San Diego 2002-07-26
Making your (coding) life simpler SDPHP monthly meeting San Diego 2003-06-05
PHP: The Language. The Ecosystem. COSST Symposium ( Newport Beach, CA 2003-10-18
PHP: Una visión global Charla en IDAT Lima, Perú 2005-06-04

Title Event Location Date
PHP 5 y PEAR: Una visión global Linux Developer Day 2005 Lima, Perú 2005-04-09
PHP 5 y PEAR: El código y la comunidad global COMSYS 2005 Huancayo, Perú 2005-07-08

Title Event Location Date
Open Source Solutions for Collaborative Application Development Center for Computational Science, Tulane University New Orleans 2004-01-27
It's a WikiWikiWorld SDSC Tech Seminar Series San Diego 2004-06-24

Web Services
Title Event Location Date
Creating Web Services for a Web Application with XML and PHP OSCON San Diego 2002-07-24
Creating and Using Multi-protocol Bioinformatic Web Services Bioinformatics Technology Conference (BioCon 2003) San Diego 2003-02-06
Data Sharing in Bioinformatics: Using the MDB's Web Services 225th ACS National Meeting New Orleans, LA 2003-03-25
Overview of Web Services SDPHP monthly meeting San Diego 2004-05-06
Introducción a Servicios de Web Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Lima, Perú 2005-04-26

Title Event Location Date
Processing XML with PHP - An Introduction SDPHP monthly meeting San Diego 2002-08-26

Talks made with S5

Control de Versiones
Title Event Location Date
Introducción al Uso de Sistemas de Control de Versiones DUI UPCH 2008-02-01
Introducción al uso de Bazaar como SCV DUI UPCH 2008-02-15

Title Event Location Date
El Proyecto PEAR Involucrate+Gnome 2008 Lima, Perú 2008-03-08

Talks made with other tools

Title Event Location Date
Buenas prácticas de programación en PHP VI CRESCITEC 2007 Puno, Perú 2007-10-22

Software Development
Title Event Location Date
Metodología Ágil para el de Desarrollo de Software DUI UPCH 2008-02-04